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Design ideas for small bathrooms

Design ideas for small bathrooms

Design ideas for small bathrooms

When having a narrow space it’s complicated to create the desired bathroom, but with help of innovative ideas, you can create a bathroom that is stylish, modern, and useful. Knowing how to adapt all the things in a small area, selecting the right type of accessories, and taking advantage of space-saving ideas, will provide you with a bath remodel Chicago project that is not saturated, inspired and that is the right fit for your needs.

Get floating vanity or install a trough sink
Floating vanity is great for narrow spaces, mostly because it is pasted to the wall, allowing to have free space underneath and providing a bathroom with the aspect of being bigger.
You can employ for bathroom remodel a nice-looking bowl sink, a regular under-mounted sink, or a recent trough sink. This last one is trending right now and provides a minimalist, clean style for your bathroom renovations, as this is a great space saver and low-profile sink. Also, you can complement this by adding extra storage below the vanity like colorful crates or baskets, or simply leave this empty for an effortless clean process.

Install a towel rack in the door.
When you really have a small space in your bathroom, locating a place to hand towels can be complicated. So a great saving space solution is to attach a bar to the glass shower doors to put one or more towels, making them accessible when showering and saving wall space at the same time. You can always maintain the bulk of towels in a closet, and just keep the shower towels in the bath.

Install an over-shower in your bath.
Whenever you have a small space in your bathroom but you require a bath and a shower, you can combine both and add a shower hose over the bath. It may not be the best for a small bathroom remodel Chicago project but is practical and can be ideal for guest bathrooms and solves the problems.

Create an enlarged counter above the toilet 
When dealing with small space in bathrooms, any tips that help to increase storage are worth taking into account for an affordable bathroom remodel cost. This can be a useful and practical idea, that helps to create a clean modern look to your space.

Include tall storage alternatives
When you have sufficient floor space to add a narrow tiered depository, try to place it as tall as possible. There are a lot of stylish storage designs on the market, that go from traditional or vintage, to ultra-modern. Match these with the design and take advantage of empty air in your bathroom.

Get a small corner vanity.
There are plenty of small corner vanities out there that use small areas. Pick one that binds to the wall for additional floor space, like an under-mounted sink in case you have other deposits, or pick a sink that can sit above the corner vanity if you want to maximize space.

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