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Ways to Make a Small Bathroom Bigger

When it comes to doing a bathroom remodeling in your Chicago home, it can be done in various ways to cover different purposes: from a simple refresh to give a contemporary touch to the aesthetic to a complete remodeling to expand the space and pleasant environment. If your bathroom is very small, it is possible […]

Cool Ideas for your Bathroom Lighting

In every area of your house, the correct lighting can make all the difference. If we’re really talking about a huge master bath with several windows or a half-bath hidden beneath your steps that relies only on artificial light, this is especially true in the bathroom. We’ll begin with the fundamentals and the many forms […]

A Bathroom Remodeling for That Spa Feeling You Love

Who wouldn’t want a relaxing and luxurious spa day after a long week of work? But getting that time free, taking the drive over there, and finding someone to look after the kids can add to your stress. There is another solution. Think of what it would be like to have a bathroom remodel that […]