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5 things householders don’t take into account when renovating a bathroom.

5 things householders don’t take into account when renovating a bathroom.

5 things householders don’t take into account when renovating a bathroom.

Restoring a bathroom is one small pleasure in life because you can shape something special for people in your household. The main problem resides in that property owners struggle to decide what to choose in regards to bathtubs, tiles, vanities, shower screens, and usually forget some of the most important features of a bathroom.
So let’s take a peek at 5 of the most important features that a bathroom needs that should be taken into account since the very beginning of your bathroom remodel Chicago project.

1. Proper storage
Storage is one of the main issues for a bathroom, so you may like to think twice before deciding to get a pedestal vanity, because it doesn’t give any storage at all. What you may really require is storage for beauty products, bath products, cleaning solutions, makeup, and towels. So it is best to choose a cabinet-style vanity and mirrored shelves that install in between the studs above the sinks for your bathroom remodeling Chicago project. You can even take advantage of extra space by using bookcase shelves that can fit in the studs, this will reduce the projection.

2. Anti-slip floors
If you have elder family members, small children, or dogs, we are aware that this can be slippery and hence dangerous. This is one of the reasons why a bath remodel Chicago service should prioritize using non-slippery tiles for the project, instead of shiny tiles. There’s a wide variety of non-slip tiles that are trendy in the market, so there’s no need to stick with institutional type or outdated tiles. Bathroom remodeling contractors Chicago trusts, like VILLA Bathroom Remodeling Contractors recommend using R-11 anti-slip rating as they are rated as low slip risk.

3. The upcoming owner
According to professional bathroom remodeling company, with any home renovation, you should maintain a balance between resale price and style for your property. A non-common color may be nice for your personal taste, but if you ever consider selling your property, you may want to think twice. The best bet for bathroom renovations is something that remains with time and that provides elegance, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you can customize according to your style, you just need to know how to apply this, if you really like something extravagant like something colored in canary yellow, you could just add towels, plant pots, lights, curtains, and general accessories as part of a small bathroom remodel Chicago project.

4. Well ventilated space
Good ventilation is very important to prevent mold from appearing in your bath, but it’s rarely prioritized. It is very important to make sure that the ventilation system is efficient enough to ensure that it vents properly to the exterior, if not all the moisture will start to encourage mold to appear and grow in the attic. According to remodeling contractors, a window can be a great enhancement to the bathroom, but may not be enough to keep the mold away, so for that reason it is necessary to install the right ventilation system.

5. Allocate space for cleaning
If you possess a small bathroom, try not to pack all the things tight as that would make it harder to clean. It’s necessary to have enough space between bath, shower, and vanity to make sure that your mop, hand, or vacuum head can fit in there. It is not good to find dead insects, dirt, or dust that you can’t access in order to clean.

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