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    Bathroom Remodeling & Bathroom Renovations by VILLA Bathroom Remodeling Contractos in Chicago & Surrounding Suburbs

    At VILLA Bathroom Remodeling Contractors, we don’t just give your bathroom a facelift. We have specialist bathroom remodeling contractors in Chicago that know how to make the most of any bathroom to reach its full potential.

    Every detail from your floor to your shower tile and countertops will undergo a complete transformation to achieve your dream bathroom renovation. Chicago has never seen superior bathroom remodeling this focused and detailed before.

    We’re not just here for your bathroom renovation, we’re here for you. The Villa Bathroom Remodeling Contractors specialty is to provide you with the renovation you’re looking for down to the finest detail. Plus, no matter the size of your bathroom, we can make it the oasis you envision.

    For a small bathroom remodel in Chicago that will transform your current space into the room that matches your style and imagination, Villa Bathroom Remodeling Contractors is perfect for you.

    View our project gallery to see some of our recent work.

    VILLA Bathroom Remodeling Contractors Chicagochoose the type of bathroom remodel service you need!


    No one can remodel your bathroom in Chicago, IL like VILLA!


    We’ve been providing high-quality bathroom renovation services in Chicago for years.


    Trust VILLA with your bathroom flooring installation & bathroom flooring replacement.



    Bathroom tiling installation should be done only by trusted contractors with experience.



    Don’t like what you see in stores? Call VILLA to get a custom shower glass.



    Can’t find the right bathroom vanity? VILLA can make a custom one just for you.



    Whether you’re looking to install or repair your shower, our contractors in Chicago do it all.



    VILLA has years of experience installing and repairing tubs, noth big and small.



    A good lightning will instantly bring life to your new remodeled bathroom.

    Some facts you should know about Bathroom Remodeling & Bathroom Renovations Chicago


    Don’t Forget About Bathroom Remodeling Chicago

    Are you completely happy with how your bathroom looks and feels knowing it could be so much better and more useful? A bathroom with style and functionality is much easier on your comfort level and adds value to your home too. While your bathroom is not the focal point of your home, it’s current state has a big impact on the overall home appeal. To give yourself a great feel, sense of style, and the ultimate in function give your bathroom renovations serious consideration with the best of the bathroom remodeling companies in Chicago.

    Why Your Bathroom Remodel is so Important

    It’s difficult to visualize the value that a bathroom remodeling in Chicago can have, especially when there are other more obvious spaces in your home that could be renovated first. This is completely understandable but your bathroom is probably the most outdated part of the home in need of attention for exactly that reason. It goes ignored for so long because you don’t spend most of your time there like you do the kitchen or the family room, which makes it easy to bypass the bathroom altogether when thinking about renovations, especially when on a tight budget. So without a bathroom remodel, it tends to endure years of neglect and before you even realize it, stepping into the bathroom is like walking back through time.
    That’s why we all need to consider bathroom remodeling in Chicago. It’s time for those bathroom remodeling contractors to step in and get your space up to date and in line with the overall style of your home. Even if your home has not been completely updated, bathroom remodeling contractors can give your home that lift it needs through your bathroom and make it the hot property in your neighborhood.


    What to Focus on for Your Bathroom Renovations in Chicago

    A bathroom remodel in Chicago can enhance your family’s living and positively affect your home for several reasons. Every master bathroom has a bathtub and shower, toilet, and sink, but they don’t all have a whirlpool tub, elegant bathroom mirrors, or an under-lit vessel sink mounted proudly on a custom-built vanity. A stylish, well-designed bathroom with such features can make an incredible impression. After a bathroom renovation that includes these amazing additions and changes by expert remodeling contractors in Chicago, you may spend much more time in your bathroom and a lot less time outside your home.
    When it’s time for your bathroom remodeling in Chicago and you want the most up to date features and designs available, speak with our bathroom remodeling contractors. We know how to give you the best advice to make your bathroom stunning and practical for the whole family.

    Choose The Best Bathroom Remodeling Company Chicago Choose VILLA Bathroom Remodeling Contractors


    Our Philosophy

    At Villa, our bathroom remodeling contractors Chicago make it as easy as possible for you to achieve your dream bathroom. We work with you to create a bathroom that is specific to your personal tastes and needs. That’s why our discussions with you are based on open communication and thoughtful ideas.

    Why Choose Us

    When you choose Villa for your bathroom renovations Chicago, you get bathroom remodeling contractors who are experienced with years of service in the community. Our professionalism and attention to detail set us apart from other remodeling companies Chicago, so you can trust in our skill and dedication to do the job right.


    Affordable Bathroom Remodeling – Bathroom Renovation Company in Chicago Providing The Most Exceptional Craftsmanship


    Having a bathroom remodel can be a big project, even if someone else is doing all the work. Knowing that the outcome of a bathroom remodeling would be fantastic is really satisfying. Just like any renovation project, it is easy to get caught up in fun decisions such as selecting fixtures, appliances, and colors. Having said this, it can get costly if you let yourself go with the different decors that you want to incorporate in your bathroom. The task can be difficult and unsettling, especially when expenses are flying your way. Our remodeling company in Chicago will ensure that the process will be as smooth as possible and affordable as well. Whether it is a small bath remodel or a full master bath, our contractors in Chicago are well experienced in providing outstanding results to our customers. We will take care of you from design to construction completion. Our company in Chicago only uses the highest quality materials to ensure that you will get the value of your money. We will help you expand your existing space, use the area more efficiently, and incorporate modern design features. Our company in Chicago is committed to providing the most exceptional craftsmanship to every remodeling job that we do. It doesn’t take a fortune for you to get the bathroom that you have always wanted.

    We will take care of you throughout the entire process, ensuring that proper communication is provided. Contact us so that we can get started on the bathroom that you have always wanted. We will help you achieve it!

    With Our Professional Bathroom Remodel & Bathroom Renovation
    Contractors Chicago Every Project is Easy!

    Design Consultation
    With our bathroom remodeling company in Chicago, you can schedule an in-home consultation. Our expert consultants will measure your space and share solutions to build the bathroom of your dreams!

    Free Design Service
    When you have your free in-home design or visit our showroom, our design consultants will listen intently to your needs. Our bathroom remodeling company in Chicago will help you develop a bathroom that is designed for you.

    When you’ve chosen your products, our remodeling contractors in Chicago will prepare your home. They will carefully remove your old bathroom and will handle all repairs necessary for installation.

    Once everything is prepared, our remodeling contractors in Chicago will install flooring underfoot to the lighting overhead. We use the highest quality materials to ensure outstanding results.



    Essential Improvements To Consider For Your Next Bathroom Remodeling Project

    Bathroom remodel in Chicago is common. This is not only necessary for home repairs but also for bath upgrades and a more conducive floor plan to suit your lifestyle. If you are planning to pursue bathroom remodeling for your home in Chicago, below are essential improvements to consider for your upcoming project.

    Install a Bathtub or Shower
    Having a bathtub, a shower, or both in your home acts as the centerpiece in your bathroom. Upgrading these can improve the look of your bathroom and make it more attractive for prospective buyers in the future. On top of it all, aligning your bathtub or shower with your new bathroom interior design will make everything look more fitting and proper for comfortable everyday living. Leave it to our reliable remodeling contractors in Chicago to do an excellent job.

    Sufficient Storage
    As you improve or change your bathtub or shower, you will also need appropriate storage for your bathroom essentials. In designing your storage space, you can both be creative and innovative. You can blend style with function to arrive with the best layout apt to your lifestyle and preferences. Consider vanity cabinets, linen closets, and compact shelving for additional storage as part of your bath remodel project in Chicago.

    Improve the Lighting
    Bathroom lightings are sometimes overlooked, but they present an entirely different aura, depending on the lighting option you choose. Depending on the structure of the bathroom, you can take advantage of natural lighting or find beautiful pieces for indoor lighting. Choosing the best lighting for your bathroom boils down to function and mood. It should provide ample lighting while setting the appropriate mood. Consider getting dimmer lighting that you can adjust according to your needs. They cost more than standard light switches, which would potentially increase your bathroom remodel cost in Chicago, but for long-term benefits.

    New Vanity
    We all enjoy grooming now and then. A simple yet concrete solution to this is adding a floating vanity to your bathroom that will provide ample leg room while giving you sufficient countertop for your grooming needs. Double sinks also add a lavish touch to any modern bathroom. These may also appeal to large families that could benefit from more sinks for their convenience. Tiny bathrooms benefit from large mirrors that make the illusion of a bigger space. This is something you can consider for your small bathroom remodel in Chicago. Bathroom vanities come in a wide array of colors, designs, and styles that you can choose from to best suit your needs.

    For any questions about luxurious bathroom renovation or simple bath remodel in Chicago, our bathroom remodeling contractors are happy to assist you. Give us a call today!

    Testimonials of our professional Bathroom Remodeling Companies Chicago

    What a difference a bathroom renovation makes! Villa Bathroom Remodeling Contractors in Chicago were amazing. They did a remarkable job to give our bathroom a fresh new look.

    Joshua Holtz

    Our small bathroom remodel in Chicago went perfectly, thanks to the Villa contractors. They made every inch count in turning it into a special part of our home.

    Stanley Smith

    We were so happy with how our new bathroom turned out. VILLA Bathroom Remodeling Contractors in Chicago gave us exactly what we were looking for and on our budget too.

    Mark Parker