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Bathroom Remodeling
& Bathroom Renovation

Turn your bathroom into a space you can enjoy. Villa Bathroom Remodeling Contractors in Chicago is the perfect way to achieve the bathroom renovation you`re looking for. Our experience and professional approach to bathroom remodeling will make all the difference in every detail. Whether you`re looking for luxury, convenience, style, or a little bit of each, our team of contractors can make it happen.

Bathroom Flooring

Start from the floor and work your way up. The bathroom floor is that starting point of any bathroom renovation and Villa Bathroom Remodeling Contractors in Chicago can guide you to the perfect bathroom flooring to bring the most out of your renovation. We are able to lay any type of bathroom flooring from the simple installation to the intricate patterns that are available today.


Bathroom Tiling

Your bathroom tile will provide the color scheme, pattern, and style that the rest of the bathroom will complement. Our bathroom remodeling contractors in Chicago are experienced tilers. We can work with any tile to give you perfect lines and symmetry that will draw your attention to the focal point of the bathroom. It takes an experienced tiler to make a bathroom look its best.

Custom Shower Glass

Give yourself the ultimate in luxury while keeping a sense of open space with a custom fit glass shower enclosure. Made to measure, your glass enclosure will provide a beautiful look to your bathroom that can make even a small bathroom seem larger and more inviting. Custom shower glass allows you to brighten the space with natural light and offers a wide appeal that many enjoy.


Custom Bathroom Vanities

If you have a bathroom space that is awkwardly configured or you are looking for a way to display a unique feature in your bathroom, a custom bathroom vanity is a great addition to a bathroom remodeling in Chicago. We can build a custom vanity that it tailor made for your space to fit perfectly and provide just that right look you want.

Shower Installation & Repair

Many bathroom renovations in Chicago undergo a transformation that includes a new shower installation for an updated look that also provides comfort and convenience. Villa Bathroom Remodeling Contractors are skilled professionals that can build you the perfect new shower or bring your current shower to a whole new level with a complete reconstruction or repair.


Tub Installation & Repair

Updating or upgrading your tub is a great way to achieve a new look and feel for your bathroom remodeling in Chicago. Whether it`s a standard tub, a large standalone soaker, or a multi-seat jet tub, there are many ways to give your bathroom the right tub for the luxurious feel you want. Our contractors know what can work in your bathroom and give you the right tub installation.

Bathroom Lightning Installation

The right lighting is the key to accenting your newly renovated bathroom. Not only will your lighting brighten your bathroom, but it will also play on the features you have included in your bathroom remodeling in Chicago. Your lighting can add sparkle, shine, or an accent color that brings the entire bathroom renovation together to complete the look. We can help you choose that perfect light fixture and install it.


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