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7 Signs It’s Time To Finally Remodel Your Bathroom

7 Signs It’s Time To Finally Remodel Your Bathroom

7 Signs It’s Time To Finally Remodel Your Bathroom

It’s common to get used to not so good looking parts of your home. This goes for the bathroom as well seeing that it’s used on a daily basis.
This is only one room but this room is a place where renovation can change it significantly – If you take note of everything you want to change.
You can turn an old run down place into a lavish space, make your property value go up, and make your home more enjoyable after a remodel.
Take a look at these obvious signs that your bathroom is in desperate need of a makeover:

It Doesn’t Photograph Well
This is a problem that shows us more often when you go to sell your home so make sure to take a look before you end up stuck in this home for a while. A bad picture of your home can often make it difficult to sell so take a few pictures of the bathroom and check it out from a different point of view.
You would be surprised how fast your brain will be able to see the parts that may need to be changed when you put this area in a photograph to analyze over and over.

The Paint Colors Are Outdated
Paint colors like many other old marvels still start to get old as time goes. If you have a color that was popular in the 90’s such as shell-pink it’s likely that it’s time to think about getting a new coat. Implementing colors such as white and gray give off an appeal that doesn’t grow old with the time  making it a great option for keeping your space modern going forward.

It Smells Old
Because of the activities that take place in this room, over time it will develop a distinct smell that may be unpleasant. This is most times caused by a bad toilet with wax seal or poor ventilation.
Making upgrades such as installing new windows, an upgraded ventilation system, renewing your plumbing, and getting a new toilet are steps you can take to get rid of this terrible smell.

The Layout Doesn’t Work
Because indoor plumbing wasn’t as advanced as it is now, homes from the 1920’s to the 1940’s had toilets that we always put right next to the bathtub.
In this day and age this design can be an inconvenience to you and your family.
Adding a different water closet allows you more flexibility with your design to add the things you truly want and place them exactly where you decide.

You Notice Brown Patches
Brown rings that appear in your ceiling or on your walls are classic signs that you are experiencing a leak somewhere within your structure. When this occurs it may be time to get to work. If you do nothing these leaks can deteriorate wood inside your home which can lead to untimely repairs that could cost an arm and a leg. Take care of your structure by implementing new fixtures as necessary, taking care of any plumbing problems that come up, modernizing your space to mirror your unique style.

The Lighting Doesn’t Work
A popular bathroom decor option in recent years has been to put a rack of spherical lights over your vanity. Since then we have come up with many different options that are a lot less harsh and look a lot better. When the design of your lights doesn’t give you a laid back vibe you may want to take a look at some other option that could satisfy your needs.
Choosing quality lighting solutions can be an excellent start to transforming your bathroom.

You Don’t Have Enough Storage
There are many items that end up getting put in the bathroom such as makeup, toiletries, tiles, soap. toothbrushes, ect. When all of these things are accumulated inside your space it can start to look cluttered. If this is the case for your bathroom you may want to consider adding a permanent storing option that can house all of these items for you. Custom built-ins, larger vanity options and other remodeling ideas can help clear this space up for you making it look clean and presentable.

Time To Renovate
A bathroom renovation is always a good option because it increases the value of your home and gives you more peace of mind with the appearance of this recently updated room. If you are experiencing any of the issues discussed here, you should take a looking at making the improvements necessary to change your situation. Call VILLA Bathroom Remodeling now to get more information or a helping hand in getting your bathroom up to date.