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Bathroom Design Ideas

New Bathroom Design Ideas

Designing or redecorating your bathroom can be overwhelming, even more-so when you are dealing with a small space.  No matter what your budget, large or small, there are infinite design possibilities for any space.  An old, outdated bathroom can be a real nightmare for homeowners with modern style.  You use your bathroom every day, why not love it?!
We have put together a list of new design ideas for your bathroom remodel that will help you improve your décor, regardless of how tight your space and budget may be. Our Bathroom Design Trends list contains more suggestions and ideas based on the year’s top trends.

Keep It Simple

Simple, effortless spaces are part of the backbone of modern design.  There are many options for making your space more cohesive, from classic understated patterns to muted colors.
Part of this technique of streamlining includes removing any clutter from your vanity space and the creation of functional and minimalistic storage solutions.  If you currently lack proper storage, you may wish to reconfigure your cabinets or install shelves on the wall.


Although you turn on the lights in your bathroom each and every time you enter the room, you may not have considered lighting as part of your bathroom renovation project.  You can set the tone and make a real impact in your bathroom by installing recessed lighting or even a chandelier.


Painting your cabinets to blend into your monochromatic palette and replacing bathroom fixtures is an affordable way to make your vanity more stylish and also anchor down the rest of your bathroom.
Hardware is a small way to make a big impact.  These finishing touches can truly take your bathroom renovation to another level.  Although gold and other metallics can provide a sleek finish in your bathroom, to create the modern vibe you seek, it is important to choose brushed gold or dull metallics.


Although many choose more muted shades for the walls in their modern spaces, the inclusion of a dark or wallpapered accent wall is becoming increasingly common.  As one of the area’s top bathroom remodeling companies, here at VILLA Bathroom Remodeling Chicago we add depth, texture, and tone to a room by creating accent walls.  We have used wallpaper, paint, brick, wood planks, paneling, or tile to create an accent wall.  There are infinite options and our project managers will gladly assist you in selecting the most suitable material for your bathroom’s humid, warm, environment.

All about the details

When finishing your bathroom renovations, be sure not to leave out the details.  Purchase glass containers for common items like cotton swabs and balls and buy matching bottles for your shampoo and soap.  Add elegance and class to your space with just the right soap dish or by placing your toothbrush in a pretty tumbler.  Plants can also add life and style to your bathroom, especially that pop of green in front of a neutral color palette. Certain plants, like begonias and asparagus fern, thrive in a bathroom’s humid environment.
If you seek a dependable professional bathroom remodeling contractor who can expertly guide you through your bathroom remodel, go ahead and contact VILLA.

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