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Custom Home Construction

Designing and planning your dream home from scratch? Villa Construction & Development, Inc. can help with everything, from assisting with the planning process, to giving advice and guidance on specific aspects of the layout and build itself. From choosing the right materials, to picking the smallest details, our experienced team can help with whatever you need.

New Construction

Starting from the ground up? Villa Construction & Development, Inc. has years of experience in helping property owners start from scratch. From beginning to end, we can not only answer all of your questions and help you plan, but assist in every step of the project, from permitting to the final clean up.

Tidy Colonial Style single family house in suburban Maryland, United States.  House is brick faced and has a long curvy driveway.
Interior space of modern empty office with city view background

Commercial Space Buildout

If your company is ready to turn your office space from ordinary to memorable, Villa Construction & Development, Inc. can lend a hand. From helping you work within landlord guidelines and building code, to helping you make the most of your space through creative layout and choosing the right materials, we can do it all.

Room Additions

Thinking of expanding a room or adding a specific thing your home is missing? Our professional team has worked on dozens of room expansion projects, from dividing existing space to building additions and extensions to existing home properties.

Modern house, living-room with the modern furniture

All Types of Alterations

From changing the walls or floors, to building new window spaces for better natural lighting or air flow, Villa Construction & Development, Inc. offers professional and experienced contractors for all types of alterations. No matter how big or small, we can improve your property to your heart’s content.